Friday, April 20, 2007 Y 5:38 AM

It's addictive..singshot that is.. And i find myself warbling away in the middle of the night. Without realising it i've recorded more than 10 songs.. so narcissistic..listening to my own voice. But it's fun! So times of monetary crisis, lets just go to singshot instead of kbox..(yes yuyu n fifi??) I wouldn't have known this site exist if not for Kevin, our Com lecturer. And how cool is it that he made it as an assignment. I'm gonna miss his class now that semester has ended. Time seem to fly pass me just like that. Three more semester to go and i'm done. I don't know if i should be happy or sad or excited....future still looks blurry. I'm just glad everything is going smoothly for now...n i hope it will continue to do so for the last three sems.

It's supposed to be flattering when someone stares at you and likes you a lot...but not when that someone is the same gender as you are. Sometimes i tend to be oblivious to the surrounding that i missed some moments that can make my hair stand on ends. I feel bad but at the same time i feel creeped out. Cognitive dissonance.. Probably the best solution is to stay away and put on my invisible suit.

On a more lighter note..

Nerina Pallot is so on my list of favourite female singers ever. Can't stop listening to her songs.. Love it when a girl writes and sings her own songs and plays the guitar.. i tried to be that but i failed miserably.. Haha. I do the dumbest thing sometimes. Bought a guitar off the auction. More of an impulse really...i dun even know how to play for starters and my fingers are too short..bummer..But i'm not giving up. :)

Nerina Pallot..regret not catching her when she was in town..

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