Monday, June 4, 2007 Y 9:11 AM

I've got to be probably one of the few people lamenting about this semester on their blogs. I can't help it. Something needs to be destroyed real soon. Friends: warning..don't get shocked if one day i go berserk. My head hurts it's on the verge of a brain meltdown. Then again maybe i brought this upon myself, leaving everything till the last minute. But was there time to be complacent in the first place?

Is it possible for me to teleport all the way to Brisbane this September.. Jack's Mannequin is performing. Or maybe i wanna see Fall Out dudes...'s Andrew i wanna see...witness him work that piano. It's times like this that i wish i was Samantha from Bewitched or Jeanie. Maybe Jeanie cause i can't twitch my nose. Maybe i should lay out a plan..tell my parents that i wanna visit Deanne over there. I mean isn't it just the perfect coincidence..that my sis-in-law lives in Brisbane..Is that a sign??

Shrek 3 was hilarious and Justin sounds whiny..

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