Monday, June 16, 2008 Y 12:33 AM

seriously i don't know if i should embed my recordings of the concert here. As much as i want to i don't think anyone would want to hear 'noise'. It would take a good ear to listen over the screaming. I'm afraid the music got drowned. So yeah.. i went to The Click 5 concert which i thought was great. Yes...stupendous..and i'm not exaggerating. They put on an entertaining performance as promised.

i was kinda close..i think..but i would prefer it over here than being down there...dun think i can breathe

this was the opening song they did...i can't get the whole thing cuz i was told off by the's just the intro tho. press play if you want to..ermm you might want to lower down the volume first.. :)

and they played 3 new songs..or 2? i forgot. not bad.
it was nice when they went acoustic...they did a beatles cover 'I'm looking through you'. I think Kyle did a good job. And i guess audience went ballistic when 'Jenny' came on.

All in all..i had an amazing time.