Thursday, April 16, 2009 Y 12:56 AM

I had wanted to post up more Redang pictures on facebook but it's all gone now. :(
My hard drive crashed.
Fortunately i have the pictures safe and sound in a CD, but sadly the rest of my songs, files and pictures cannot be salvaged no more.

The Three Musketeers seemed like they had a great time in Tioman tho. not Fantastic Four hor... I bet Claudia and Stacey bonded during their trip.

And finally to answer your question Az:

well, i can't really say anything much about work cause i've not been assigned to my duties yet. The HOD was busy as the school is having Pri 6 oral this week. So for the past 2 days i've been timekeeping for those taking oral. But so far, it's been fine.

But one thing tho.. Remember Ain, our junior?, she's a teacher there and............................
Sunil is the coach for the hockey team.. LOL!

I'll upate you on my work progress...hope it's gonna be great!