Wednesday, March 10, 2010 Y 2:57 AM would be nice if i could dip myself in a pool of ice....

I've been enjoying myself this week despite the heat.

Baby Mikael turned ONE!
His party was a blast and it definitely blasted the energy out of all of us.
It was fun nonetheless..
Dare i say it was grander than mummy's wedding...hahaha..
With all the badges his mummy made, i'm gonna form a fan club for him.
My family was overwhelmed when i brought back the doorgifts..
A celebrity of his own.
25 of my birthday celebrations combined, is unable to beat his 1st.

The visit to the musuem was enjoyable too. Just wished my mum was there...
She would have been so amazed to see the History Gallery. I think i'm gonna bring her there one of these days...cause i would love to see it again.

But the higlight was the Mummy exhibits..
My dad had been begging my sis to bring him to see the Mummy, he even kept the newspaper cutting in his pocket..Imagine his delight when we finally get to the exhibition. No wonder i had ambitions of becoming an archeologist. Must have got it from him...LOL

But seriously, it kinda brought us back to that period when Egyptians ruled. We almost freaked at the sight of a 'cat mummy' with the bandage slightly unwrapped at the nose. I mean, it's REAL!

In the end, we all went home with scripts of our names stamped in hieroglyphics. Whee!!!

By the way, anyone wanna tag along? I think i'm going to see the History Gallery again! I've never loved history this much since sec sch...